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TITLE : Medicine For Nurses

How to calculate drug dosage accurately advice for nurses comment the lack of basic maths skills can be a major problem when it comes to nurses administering drugs to patientsthe emedicine point of care clinical reference features up to date searchable peer reviewed medical articles organized in specialty focused textbooks and is continuously updated with practice changing evidence culled daily from the medical literaturemedication training for nurses accredited royal college of nursing and nmc approved its interesting to note that statistically there is no difference in the number of medication errors made in nursing homes vs residential homes and yet surely you would expect it to be significantly lower in our nursing homeswelcome to the nursing professional group npg page on the istm website the npg council views this site as one of several ways to communicate with istm nurses on a regular and ongoing basis6 standard 5 patients own medicines registrants may use patients own medicines in accordance with the guidance in this booklet standards for medicines management

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