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TITLE : How To Grow In Christ

How can i grow in christ have you ever asked yourself this question whether you have been a christian for many years or just recently received the lord jesus its very important to know how to grow in christgod wants to empower you through the holy spirit to live a christ directed life as you continue to breathe spiritually confess your sin and claim the fullness of the spirit you will experience a deepening fellowship with god enabling you to grow in christian maturitywhat does it take to grow up and become spiritually mature why do some christians not grow as they should gods word presents steps we can take toward growth and spiritual maturity by bible study patience and diligent practice of good worksbcher fremdsprachig whlen sie die abteilung aus in der sie suchen mchtenmaturity is realizing that our lord can and will bring goodness and glory to any situation as long as he is glorified that is even through our weakness and failures through our letdowns and discouragements christ is there loving us and encouraging us

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