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TITLE : The Business Of Ministry

Some of the most successful pastors in america were once businesspeoplebut what happens when you try to blend business and ministrya restaurant a bookstore a school for young children a catering service and a recordapplying business principles in the work of ministries and nonprofitsthe business of the church the uncomfortable truth that faithful ministry requires effective management john w wimberly jr on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers pastors are called to be not only leaders with vision but also managers of congregational systems says john wimberly in the business of the church drawing on his the business of ministry daniel woltmann melissa woltmann on amazoncom free shipping on qualifying offers the strength of any endeavor is in its foundation the church should not be any exception starting a church should include a true biblical understanding of a church as well as organizing the business aspects of the church correctlythe business of ministry lead 7v21 taught by jan cason mdiv mba mondays spring 2014 930 1210 office phone no 710 6090 cell phone no 644 2137

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