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TITLE : The Spirit Of Laws

The spirit of the laws french de lesprit des lois originally spelled de lesprit des loix also sometimes translated the spirit of laws is a treatise on political theory as well as a pioneering work in comparative law published in 1748 by charles de secondat baron de montesquieu originally published anonymously partly because in history of europe nobles and gentlemen his lesprit des lois 1748 the spirit of laws was that noble privilege was the surest guarantee of the laws against despotismsee also considerations on the causes of the greatness of the romans and their decline charles montesquieu 1734 historical analysis that laid the basis for his spirit of laws and gibbons decline and fall of the roman empiremontesquieu the spirit of laws 6 the critic asserts that our author stumbles at his first setting out and is offended at his saying that laws in their most extensive signification are thethe spirit of laws first published in 1750 is a detailed treatise on the structures and theory of government by french political philosopher baron de montesquieu

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