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TITLE : People Born In December

22 truths people born in december will completely understand in gifs by lindsay mannering dec 5 2013 hey party people its december and you know what that means lots of present buying lots people born in december respect law and religion this makes them a successful mentor they must never be inactive in life if they want to avoid despondency they are great planners and organizers their humour is more robust than subtlea survey of college students in america revealed people born in december complain less than others and are less prone to mood swings looking for a great mate hit up a december baby us national library of medicine found people born in december are more likely to love early nights true and springing out of bed early not so truea study published in the journal of aging research reports that people born in december are more likely to live to 105 or even longer their birthdays may be late in the year but they have a

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